About Me

🍄BASICS🍄he/him they/them it/itsHey, my name is Warden! You can also call me Ward. That is not my true name, as I am unable to recall my original, but it is the title that called to me. I am a fallen member of the Grigori Choir, a Watcher once tasked with watching over and teaching humanity. I fell similar to my siblings who courted mortal women. I am the angel of plant life, fungi and decay mainly. I also hold domain over natural death and burrowing creatures (such as worms, moles and rabbits).I am a member of an unnamed system and embody the host's divine heritage!Many of my memories are very fuzzy because of how long I have been disconnected from this part of my history, but I'm slowly collecting parts of myself.

Kin List

fallen angelkin (watcherkin)

🍄True Form🍄

if you recognize my true form feel free to dm me! i can't promise i'll respond very quickly because of my anxiety, but i'll do my best! thank you for the patience!


As an angel, I believe in an Abrahamic god. I do not follow him, however. He banished me to earth for supposed sin, and I do not intend to crawl back to him asking for forgiveness.Our collective beliefs however, are more complicated. The host is an eclectic witch and follower of Hermes. We believe souls come from everywhere, not just God. Everything has a soul.


background credit: mycospritetrue form credit: me :)if you would like me to remove your image from my carrd, feel free to dm me at beloved-watcher.